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Mixed media, painting, drawing, environment

 Moscow 1959: A week with Dad  By Barbara Minas  After driving to "see" the real Iron Curtain, 17 year old Barb and her charming, eccentric, stubborn dad have a wild, adventurous week in Moscow during the Cold War. Available on Amazon and Kindle.

"WAR RIBBON "  48" x  56" Mixed Media


 BUFFALO and BEAR   36" x 48" 

"EVE OF DESTRUCTION"   24" x 30"   Oil on Canvas & Mixed Media

 "THE MIRACLE OF HEALING: TRAM FLAP RECONSTRUCTION 2008"  48" x 48" SOLD Oil on Canvas  2007  This painting is in a private collection and is available for loan to a breast cancer center.   

I had a mastectomy in 1993, followed by a tram flap reconstruction.  In 1994 I lost a good friend, Antje, who had been diagnosed the same time I was.  I was one of the lucky ones.  This painting was commissioned and is available for loan to breast cancer centers.  There's lots of personal symbolism in the piece.  The lake is the limbo of unconsciousness one finds oneself in.  Above it is the ruin of a temple (the damaged self). The deer is the peace of nature; what will be will be.  The brilliant colors of sunflowers and geraniums are reminders of brightness and cheer.  The wolf/coyote has over-come recent danger: the rattlesnake.  The figure celebrates healing in the rare sunshine found in the Northwest.  The scorpion, however, lurks as unknown future.

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