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Sonoran Arts Festival

Posted by barbaraminas on April 4, 2009 at 1:03 PM

Volunteered yesterday and today.  First designated as an "ambassador," meaning I wandered around meeting every artist to see if  and when they might need a break, during which I would man the booth.  It was a blast.  Then the winds picked up to 50 mph and booths started tipping and toppling.  Stressful, but everyone endured and all the art survived.  Today I was in a booth where kids (3 - 4 at a time) could come in and use acrylic paints.  Each kid could paint one square (there were 9 per canvas).  Kids from 3 to about 12 loved doing this and their parents liked it even more.  Instead of having something done for them (balloons blown up or faces painted)  the kids got to make art themselves.  And the day was a perfect sunny 75 degree day!  This kind of volunteering is always rewarding.

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