Paintings & Drawings

Mixed media, painting, drawing, environment


"JANICE" (JANUARY) Scorpion tattoo 16" x 20"   Acrylic on Canvas  Barb Minas  

"FANNY" (FEBRUARY)  Violet tattoos 16" x 20"  Acrylic on Canvas  Barb Minas 


"MARIA" (MARCH)   18" x 20"  Acrylic on Canvas  Barb Minas 

"ABBY"  (APRIL) 16" x 20" Blue heart tattoos  Acrylic on Canvas   Barbara Minas 

"NANCY"  (NOVEMBER)  16 " x 20" Star tattoos  Acrylic on Canvas   Barbara Minas 

"JENNY"  (JUNE) Circle of life tattoos  16"x 20"  Acrylic on Canvas    Barbara Minas 

"OLIVIA"  (OCTOBER)   16" x 20"  Heart tattoos  Acrylic on Canvas  Barbara Minas 

PINUP GIRLS (SINGLE-BREASTED): CUTE, SEXY, OFFENSIVE?  In celebration of women who have SURVIVED breast cancer, here is a collection of women who have had a mastectomy without reconstruction...just some decorative tattooing.  Each woman has had chemotherapy and lost her hair.  Women can be gorgeous and sexy with or without breasts, with or without hair.  2009 CELEBRATE SURVIVAL calendar includes the paintings above.  


"THE MIRACLE OF HEALING"  Mastectomy and tram flap reconstruction.                     1993.  48"x 48"  Oil on Canvas  2007  SOLD  (Available for loan)


"SURGERY" 46" x 48" Oil on Canvas Sold



AWAKENING" 40' x 30" Oil on Canvas Sold



"WHITE WOLF" 46" x 46" Oil on Canvas Sold



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